A Digimon Adventure

At the time of writing, Digimon is recieving a strange resurgence of attention which has nothing to do with the 20th anniversary of Digimon Adventure.

The new Pokemon games Sword and Shield look so lackluster that hordes of weird adults are giving up on Pokemon and migrating to other monster-raising game communities. This gives them 20+-year-long backlogs of media to work through from franchises like Digimon.

I already saw the writing on the wall when Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire turned out to be real bad and tried out some Digimon games. I held off until now to go back and experience everything Digimon has to offer.

This is because of my 2016 experience with Digimon Adventure, which I saw very little of growing up. The game plan was to watch it in Japanese so that a future English watch would be more informed. I found it to be unbearable (in much more colorful language which I remember, but won't repeat) and had to stop, even though I made sure to drink before watching each episode. This ended up just being my initial discontent with the Japanese version, and I now appreciate it very much. There's a lot left to explore.

Router River

Having grown up reading hundreds of fansites cover to cover, I've always had the nagging drive to make a website chronicling how much I enjoy something terrifically stupid.

The name Router River was chosen to be in line with the canon location naming scheme (File Island, Packet Swamp, etc.).