Figure 1: Condition at demise, from memory
(traced an ebay photo)

Patamon never stood a chance against Agumon for reign as my favorite. Looking for things to trash/donate ahead of a cross-country move, I saw this mess (Figure 1) in the basement and made the safe bet that I would never care enough about Digimon again to hoard a mangled toy.

The bet was rigged. I had a strange dream this year that started with family conflict and ended with finding this toy behind other junk.

In my somnolent emotional whiplash, I was posessed to call out "PATAMON!" and hug the plastic ghost, indistinguishable from the 4-year-old boy who stuck bandaids on it, or even the fictional boy who knew this creature personally. Then the dream was over.
Figure 1 Legend:
  1. Pokemon gave me a standard of how monster toys needed to be treated. Toys which often fought or took high falls usually had adhesive bandages or residue on them. Some residue never came off.

  2. Scuffs from storage with other toys.

  3. Lost between 1 and 3 legs to children digging in the plastic tub it was stored in.

  4. Press the tail for a garbled, necromantic BOOM BUBBLE! <spit> or PATAMON DIGIVOLVE!
    My exposure to the TV show was so limited that I found out Angemon was what Patamon would turn into years after I threw this toy away.

To be expanded... maybe