Ambient Black Magic by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, 2017, dark ambient
With excitement for the imminently opening World of Warcraft Classic stress test on my mind (haven't gotten into the regular beta yet), I saw the artist's name and had to click on Ambient Black Magic. Its Boomkat reviewer said it best:

[...] a kind of 'Fear Dub'- as the label call [sic] it - which is essentially the perfect encapsulation of the deep sense of paranoia contained within.

I was planning to play a dwarf on the beta, but the dwarf starting zone is shared with gnomes, meaning if I played human or night elf (all peoples of the Alliance), competition for quest objectives would be halved. Night elf was what I went with.
The first time the "enchanted forest" music kicked on in the treetop nation (literally) of Teldrassil, I thought: since I've heard it before and I'll be here a while, I should put that other forest music on.

Ambient Black Magic was my companion for hours of fighting the predators skulking in the shadows of Teldrassil's children, growing strong enough to leave the clearings I knew and fight for my people in the ones I did not.

I'm still going Horde when the game comes out, but I'll listen to this when I pillage Ashenvale.

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Ambient Black Magic
  1. Jungle Is A Shapeshifter, Part 1
  2. Jungle Is A Shapeshifter, Part 2
  3. Beyond The Yellow-Spotted Bamboo
  4. Praying Mantis Black Arts
  5. Chile�s Crimson Tide
  6. Beyond The Yellow-Spotted Bamboo (Substance Remix)
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