Jumbo by Underworld, 1999, progressive house
Walking out of the summoning portal, the first things I see are the abomination known as Orgozoa and a lively discussion about buying tents in raid chat. A stranger tells me in the voice call how his daughter chewed his headset beyond repair. We easily kill the boss and the guild calls it a night.

Days after, I keep thinking about this mom-and-pop World of Warcraft guild and how it stuck the Walmart vest conversation from Jumbo in my head.

Jumbo was used as the theme for the short film Moms (warning: top comment: "i've shown this video to 15 people. i've lost 13 friends"). I showed this video to some friends a few guilds ago, before everyone bearable got too sick or too busy to keep up. WoW fluctuates in quality, but the people will always be painfully real.

If you like this track, try: Beaucoup Fish by Underworld, E2-E4 by Manuel Gottsching
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  1. Jumbo
  2. Different remixes on every release of which I have heard 0
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