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7/20/2019: New Digimon and music pages, spruced up front page, and improved Router River's appearance on Chrome-like browsers.

7/14/2019: Digimon subsite Router River is now open.

7/13/2019: Tried to finish a large update tonight but not there yet. In the meantime, the Music section has been Shpongled.

6/20/2019: Caught up on buttons + new music article

6/16/2019: Added a "WWW Vivarium".

6/15/2019: Added navbar, some buttons, DBZ Memories, and about page to solve the 88x31 mystery.

6/14/2019: Painstakingly made a 88x31 button to celebrate the milestone of 1 follower. I can't comment until the 19th, but thank you!

6/13/2019: There's now a Music section and a page inside it. I always loved seeing fancy html tables.

6/12/2019: I made this random logo in Paint Shop despite having ideas for a better one and having no site content for it to represent.

6/12/2019: A website is born. Please be patient while I locate the time to make something of value. See you soon!

Temporarily homeless blog:

7/20/2019: Take 10 to practice your fire escape plans and make sure your detectors have batteries. Maybe this blog will get a home soon.

6/30/2019: Didn't forget or lose interest, life is just a feces tornado. TTYL.

6/14/2019: Working offline on Pokemon, Digimon, and DBZ sections. Planning navigation is hard. Need to surf some more first.

Snails climb up this pot

to go to sleep in the shade

of your dog and I

'Snail' seems kind of on the cusp of being two syllables. Dangerous haiku.

6/13/2019: I'm going to finish watching Digimon Adventure tonight! This "rewatch" began in 2016 and I picked it back up last week. Kid me never saw past episode ~10.

Link to hhtt:

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